Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Jansdotter Baby Snuggler

Here is my first go at the Lotta Jansdotter Baby Snuggler from her book Simple Sewing for Baby. Although I'll be ordering the book (its not distributed here in NZ as far as I can ascertain), it can take 7-8 weeks for books to arrive in New Zealand from Amazon in the USA, and my baby is due in 7 weeks. So I just did the pattern from the podcast. I enlarged it until the snuggler measured about 48 cm from top to bottom, as my first son was 55 cm (head to toe, stretched right out) when born. So this is a newborn size snuggler. Although there were no instructions on the podcast that I could find, and I couldn't figure out which issue number the magazine was (to even start trying to find it to buy it), I had no problems sewing it together. Although, note for next time, I think the two velcros labelled "left outside flap (prickly side)," could do with being moved an inch towards the outside edge of the flap. It felt like in their current position, it was in the smallest setting, and I'd have preferred to allow a tiny bit of room for growth without the velcro showing out the edge as bub gets bigger.

A Church near Porangahau, North Island, New Zealand


Anonymous said...

This isn't much use now but I order my books from Sometimes it's so cheap even when you convert to NZ$ and postage is free plus they are always super fast. Amazon takes so so long, it's not worth it.

Kiwibear said...

Thanks for that! What a great site. We've just ordered a few other things from there now. I can't believe they charge nothing for worldwide postage. Amazon charge an arm and a leg.

sydneysnana said...

I am going crazy!!!! REALLY want to make the Snuggle for newborn twin grandsons for costume. I have
the pattern from the podcast you used, but I don't know how to enlarge. I thought one of the patterns included was full size, but it is only 11" long..???? I so hope you can help!!
Love you site, going to add it to my reader!!