Thursday, May 14, 2009

Amy Butler Lounge Pants

I had a go at the Amy Butler Lounge pants from the In Stitches book. They were easy to make. I loved the versions everyone else made on flickr, but I'm not so sure these pants suit me (and not just because I'm 7 mths pregnant). I feel a bit like I'm wearing clown pants, and they don't feel very flattering. I am glad I didn't buy expensive fabric for this test version - it is just a secondhand sheet. I also should have tried them on before sewing the waistband, as the rise feels a little bit too short, and I could have compensated for that at the time. I just turned the waistband over the usual amount one does, rather than following the pattern exactly at that point, so the fault there is of course mine rather than the pattern's. I'll unpick the waistband and add one made of extra material to add length to the rise once the baby is born. Nevertheless, I think I prefer the Heather Ross Pajamas for Everyone pants pattern (which I'll make in the right size next time!).

Wellington Harbour on a stormy day.

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Anonymous said...

These are beautiful! Now I really want to make this pattern, perhaps in a fuzzy flannel for the colder months.