Monday, May 18, 2009

Simplicity 3750 top

Here is a test size 12 version of the Simplicity 3750 top. (Version E) I made it as a "muslin" but I like the fabric, so I would wear it as is. I made it as per the pattern, but added a cm to the length of the bust. The neckline is straight, its just me standing wonky (I can't be bothered taking another photo). Again, I had only expected to be able to pull it over the bodice, but I was suprisingly able to pull (albeit tightly) the lower bit over my 7 1/2 month pregnant tummy. Not that I would wear it tight like this for now. So I'll leave off hemming it until I'm wearing normal clothes again after the birth, as I may end up having to take in the sides. It took quite a while to make, but there was nothing too hard in it. I usually skip through instructions and sew whichever way I prefer, but with this pattern I had to actually read the instructions carefully and plod through all the steps. The instructions were really good.

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